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To Kill A King @ Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath 01/11/12

To Kill A King
Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath
1st November 2012

Killing any sort of monarch is almost always frowned upon, it’s simply not done in polite society and is basically wrong.

But you already know this… I’m preaching to the converted and if I’m honest with you this acute observation has nothing to do with the Birmingham leg of To Kill A King’s tour… it’s just something I thought about for a little too long while I was waiting for the support act to finish her set.

By beginning with the intricately delicious Haunting TKAK risked blowing their proverbial wad prematurely, thankfully (after a request from frontman Ralph Pelleymounter) it only served to draw the modest but keen crowd closer to the stage.

The highlight of the set, for me anyway, was the calming raucousness of recent single Howling. In my not so humble opinion, this is when the Leeds band are at their best… a kind of not quite Editors, not quite White Lies infused version of The Maccabees with a hint of Mumford and the charm of Parachutes era Coldplay.

However… and I appologise for the “however”… on some of the more ‘jolly’ numbers TKAK are occasionally perilously close to be becoming a bit… *Heart FM/BRMB (*other annoying commercial radio stations are available). That’s not to say that I found them annoying or commercial, just that at times TKAK are close to greatness and that’s what I wanted more of.

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