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August Actually – Werewolf/Vampire

August Actually is a Nottingham band that seamlessly combines the catchy indie pop genre alongside melancholy folk. Their new single has a monster theme; however it is not fear inducing! One of the singles Werewolf, has a wonderfully stylish video, which for me the best part is the lyrics feature throughout, meaning it’s perfect for a sing-a-long! Werewolf also unintentionally allows the listeners to feel empathy for this unfortunate relationship, as it suggests ‘yeah lovin’ a werewolf/baby that was a blunder’. The contrasting vocals of Laura and Alex are what make the song more pleasing and certainly more memorable.


Vampire is the more serious song of the two, far more ambient and the twinkly piano focus sets the tone more suitably. Again there is empathy for another unfortunate relationship, the gentile backing vocals add to the air of sadness. It’s a poignant song that works well in contrast to the more indie-pop focused Werewolf.


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