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Big Wave – Interview

Taking a break from the sunshine – Big Wave answered some questions for This Is A Popscene.

Who are Big Wave and where are you from?

“We’re Big Wave from Torquay, Devon home of sandy beaches, Agatha Christie and the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Europe. We’re just a gang of friends from the same town, who like the same kind of music and hung out in the same pubs/clubs. Having little else to do we got together and started making music.”

How did you meet?

“Pete and Rik used to put on a night in a little club called Rude Bar (low ceilings, sweaty walls and cheap drinks) and everyone just kind of hung out there, Torquay is pretty small so when you meet like minded people you hold on tight to one another.”
Describe your sound…

“The kitchen sink of melodic fuzz.”

Who are your influences?

We’re all in to different stuff but we all like Motown, Pulp, Belle and Sebastian, Fleetwood Mac, Blondie, Nuggets compilations and Jimmy Aggrey.
What has been your best gig so far?

“We played at the Buffalo Bar in Islington for HDIF and that was a real good gig. It was our first gig in London and it had a sweet, relaxed vibe, good crowd and I think we played pretty well and supporting Metronomy in Torquay was pretty special.”

Who in the band has the most embarrassing record collection?

“I’m sure all of us have some absolute stinkers in our collections but I think Rik’s collection of musical soundtracks is probably the lowest point. Saying that, his vinyl and CD collection is wicked!”

Imagine you are on a gameshow… tell us an amusing annecdote…

“We had a dodgy freezer until last week. Matt – leading by example, and being a chillbro – decided to have go at defrosting the inch of ice that had appeared, causing the door to swing open above a puddle of cold slosh. What we now know is that using a hammer is not a cool option! The next morning some toxic gunk was dripping from several holes along with a smell that would make an exterminator happy. You ever tried dragging a fridge out the front door at ten to eight in the morning in your work get up?”

If the band were forced at gunpoint to change musical direction, which genre would you chose?

“Country & Disco – Country style songs with disco beats.”
Where would you like to be in 5 years?

“Playing T4 on the beach and answering questions from One Direction.”


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