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Indietracks 2012 – Review

Indietracks Festival
Midland Railway Centre, Butterley, Derbyshire
6-8th July 2012

I was bereft of my usual festival companion for Indietracks and after an incredibly ardious journey involving closed motorways, an almost flat tyre, too few wagon wheels and mix tapes featuring back to back songs by the same band (they had obviously failed to read ‘how to make a mix tape 101′) relations had become strained, the only saving grace being the ample supply of Tangtastic Haribo my new festival partner had provided.

As we pulled into Swanick station via steam locomotive it was mentioned that it was like arriving at Hogwarts, I on the other hand felt it was more akin to Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers On A Train, as I failed to hide my annoyance.

This new tension quickly dissipated however, much to credit of the bar. Short of an actual beer or cider festival, it’s difficult to recall a festival with so much choice of alcoholic beverage. There were quite literally lots of real ales to choose from as well as loads of real ciders… there was also more cans of lager and cider than you find in a Tesco’s supermarket isle (other supermarkets are available)… there was also a new discovery for me, a mixed fruit flavoured bottled cider, I won’t tell you what it was called for fear of some kind of advertising slur but it sounded a bit like Kopparberg. Now, I think it is socially irresponsible to make an alcoholic drink so fucking delicious. It was like drinking sweets… and I quite like sweets. I’ve tried them. They’re nice.

The newly discovered beverage (and yes I know, I must have been living on the moon / under a rock… etc. etc. whatever…) is pretty much to blame for this lackluster review… Oh sure, I managed to see some bands… I even managed to make a note of which bands I managed to see, which to be honest was quite a feat in itself. But my notes about the band were… well… not entirely comprehensive… some might even label them as… sort of a bit shit.

To give you an insight this is (unedited I hasten to add) the sort of thing I somehow managed to scribble down:


Tender Trap – Ok. Good. I like it. Gentle indie pop (I don’t know why I felt the need to note this band as gentle indie pop as that was something I was pretty much certain to here for the duration of the festival)

Rosie Taylor Project – We both like this, slightly Drunk (with a capital D), there is a Trumpet (again with a capital T, I don’t know why, maybe I was trying to add emphasis) I like trumpets (only a little t this time) trumpets are nice. They are make a blow noise. Paaarp.

Lichtenstein – Not as 80s as I wanted them to be I wish they were more like the 80′s but I like them still.

Tiger Cats – A welcome retreat from sudden deluge. By the end of set they banished the clouds away. (Now this appeared to be strangely insightful, in terms of the weather anyway, I can only assume a new found sobriety had temporarily taken over. I think it had something to do with a hot dog. How do I know this was temporary..? read on…)

Standard Fare – Standard Fare ARE NOT Various Cruelties. Must not get confused again because they are Standard Fare NOT any other band. They are good. (so to sum up… my verdict on Standard Fare… they were themselves and good)

Summer Camp – Infected me with their infectious 80′s beats, riffs and synths… stood in crowd. Did not know where to look. Awkward.

Sunday was a non drinking day. Sunday was a driving home day. Sunday was a massive hangover day… and for this reason my notes were again somewhat neglected.


14 Iced Bears – Looks like Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm. Sounds like Dodgy, but better.

Sea Lions – Flawed moody vocals. Good.

The June Brides – Bad bad bad. Without the vocals it might be half decent for band who were featuring on the local news for winning a battle of the bands competition. (I feel it important to mention that my hangover was reaching a critical situation at this point)

Language Of Flowers – Singer said they hadn’t played for five years, you’d think they’d be a bit rusty. Very Pop. Everything about this band is cute. (I’d had an ice cream by now, things were looking up)

Allo Darlin’ – Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Really really good. Came on for a magical encore, this band has so many hits!

So… safe to say that most of the bands I saw were at least ‘good’, what more can you ask of a review than that? OK, obviously a lot more… so here are some other highlights…

I can deduce that at some point during the festival I went on a miniature train ride and people waved although I didn’t return their wave. This was both good and fun.

I fell over having a wee behind a tree on the way back to the campsite. Luckily no one saw this.

My high calorific intake was counteracted by my overexertion’s in both the putting on and then taking off of my newly purchased waterproof jacket which at times seemed like a 15 minute cyclical event.

Botchalism is not caused by ice cream that has gone bad.

‘Indie’ type people really are the coolest people of all the many different types of people. I’m not that ‘indie’.

Indietracks was a lot smaller than I expected… but I really liked it that way.

I CANNOT WAIT to go back to Indietracks next year.

If you’d like to know more about the music involved in this music festival then instead of waisting you time reading my ‘review’ why not take a listen to the Indietracks compilation (they clearly read ‘how to make a mix tape 101′) and download a copy while you’re at it…


  • Anon Ymous
    July 13, 2012 - 2:38 am | Permalink

    self-absorbed, opinionated hipsters like you should stay away from indiepop in general. get informed about the bands like the june brides or 14 iced bears and their influence and significance in indiepop world…

    • E
      July 13, 2012 - 9:12 pm | Permalink

      Errr…it is actually okay to not enjoy a performance even if the band in question is something of an institution. This is a festival review, not a history of indiepop.

  • Michael Rowland
    July 13, 2012 - 5:29 pm | Permalink

    I’m not hip at all… where is indiepop world? it sounds nice… is it sunny?

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