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This Is A Popscene #2 – WellChild Charity Compilation Album

This Is A Popscene #2
Various Artists
27th July 2012
This Is A Popscene is very proud to announce details of our second charity compilation album, This Is A Popscene #2, featuring some of the worlds best new musical talent.

The follow up to February’s 15-track compilation will be made available to download on a name ‘name your price’ basis on 27th July 2012. Once again ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to Cheltenham based children’s charity WellChild.

Plans are already underway to release a third album in the Autumn. Funds pooled from all three albums will then be presented to WellChild on 26th February 2013.

1. Eliza And The Bear – Brothers Boat
We described Brothers Boat as “delightful, uplifting and marvelously proud” earlier in the year and it is with great pleasure that band hailing from Essex kick off proceedings.
2. Polaroid 85 – Fuzzy Mornings
Taken from the Fuzzy Mornings EP, the track of the same name is perhaps the most diverse sounding track on the album. Begining with soft but soulful vocals underpinned by strings and ending with thumping drum and bass.

3. Shrouded Strangers – Featherbed
Demanding to be listened to, Featherbed, we called the shrouded strangers single “a little bit mental”. Loud and unabashed, the US band describe themselves as ‘psych-honky tonk, guitar cubism, appalachian jazz’…

4. Big Wave – Leavers Party
Leavers Party is taken from the Devonshire band’s debut EP The Roots of Love (Come Tumbling Down) and is a call to arms for the current healthy DIY pop vogue.

5. Model Railway Exhibition – Jennifer’s Brother
The atmospheric shoegaze stylings of Jennifer’s Brother was recorded before singer Vanessa Cazorla left the group earlier this year. The band are set to release new EP …lets make a vow as a duo on 9th July.

6. False-Heads – Where Is Your Man?
Akin to very early – Leisure era Blur, False-Heads’ – Where Is Your Man? is lo-fi slacker pop at it’s finest.

7. I Used To Be A Sparrow – Copenhagen
A cross between Mew and Stellarstarr* Swedes I Used To Be A Sparrow have kindly donated Copenhagen to our compilation. It is taken from the duo’s debut album Luke.

8. Secret Rivals – We’re Not Leaving You Again
Oxford foursome Secret Rivals have previously featured on Saturday morning TV show – Soccer AM. We’re Not Leaving You Again is in our opinion their best track to date so we’re stoked that they have donated the song to the album. The band are currently working towards their debut album to be released early 2013.
9. Like This – Toast Toast Toast
Hailing from the Netherlands, Like This donate the fast paced, punk-tinged Toast Toast Toast to the compilation.

10. Frenetics – Ella
Sheffield band Frenetics finish off proceedings with the ramshackle anthem that is Ella, fusing just the right amount of raw aggression with a canny knack of delivering dam fine tunes.

This Is A Popscene would like to thank all of the bands who have so kindly donated a track to our compilation. Please show your support by finding out these ten brilliant bands and buying their music and going to see their shows.

All proceeds will be donated to the WellChild charity: WellChild is the national charity for sick children. The charity helps sick children and their families throughout the UK as they deal with the consequences of serious illness and complex conditions. They challenge themselves to reach as many children and young people as they possibly can, year after year. For more info click here.

There are also CD copies of This Is A Popscene #1 available for purchase here.

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