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Pontoons – Antidote


New York duo Pontoons released single Antidote earlier in the year. So lo-fi it could win a limbo competition, it’s indie-pop sensibilities are certainly self assured.

The confident nature of the song is garnered from a band who’s roots go all the way back to 1991 when Tom Hunt formed the band with friend Mark Aznavourian.

So let me try and bring you up to speed…

After Pontoons initial formation they soon became a trio with the addition of drummer Christian Harper although they then became a duo again when Aznavourian quit to persue other things. Pamela Margid joined briefly to reinstate their trio status… although that was short lived and the band were once again a duo and by the time 1997 arrived Pontoons were no more… until a chance meeting in between Hunt and Harper in 2009 during which it was decided to reform and by late October 2012 we should have an album to listen to…

Still with me? Good, because if Antidote and the whole host of other tracks available on the bands soundcloud page is anything to go by the new album is going to be shit hot.

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