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Josh Flagg – Devastate Me

Josh Flagg
Devastate Me

Let me make this clear. Taking one look at the front cover of Josh Flagg’s Devastate Me album leaves me already disliking it/him/the album.

Call me superficial but I have previously bought music, without hearing it, based purely on an albums cover. A risky move you might say but I’ve been doing it since Radio 4′s Gotham album and it’s worked out pretty much ok since…

Being a pacifist I’ve already taken a dislike to the bloodied nose and raw knuckles that Flagg is sporting, he is also far too good looking for his own good. The git.

So, bearing this in mind, the actual contents of Devastate Me are going to have to be something pretty special to win me over… which takes all of about 30 seconds of opener Seeing Red. Slickly produced and clean cut the rock/pop styling is refreshing and contrasts superbly with Flagg’s passionate vocals that at times remind me of a certain Mr Dave Grohl.

Devastate Me is a ‘good time’ album… just the right amount of levels of aggression are kept in check never spilling over into something unpleasant and the album flows with a consistency of a finely tuned product.

The albums highlight comes in the form of the PERFECT 256, it’s steady build up with atmospheric squelches and squeals combine with airy vocals before bursting into life. To say this is one of my favourite songs that I have heard this year would be an understatement. Immense.

It may not be to everyone’s tastes however and is unlikely to pull in the British indie fan boys and girls… but it is undeniable that Devastate Me is a quality album fine tuned to perfection by a supremely talented man.

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