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Marian Call – Something Fierce

Marian Call
Something Fierce

I can count the number of Alaskan, female, singer-songwriters that I’m familiar on one hand… come to think of it I can count them on one finger… actually make that no fingers. I confess I know don’t know any.

It’s really quite a surprise then that given my lack of knowledge of this particular, rather specific genre, that Marian Call sounds exactly how I expect her to. Weird huh. Quirky, smart and rather cool for it.

Marian Call has the kind of voice that would leave you smiling even after she had just told you that your favourite Grandma had died. There is a humor in her songs and a happiness in her voice that is missing from so many similar artists. What exactly do they put in the water in Alaska? Maybe it’s just all that fresh air.

Marian has gathered a loyal legion of fans, one of which actually pointed me in the direction of the songstress. It is easy to understand her appeal, her most recent album Something Fierce sounding nicer than a nice piece of chocolate cake.

The album, although a mammoth nineteen tracks long, is one that you never tire of. Filled full of acoustic lullabies that mealt your heart and leave you all doe eyed.

Listen to it, you’ll like it… unless you’re dead inside, then you probably won’t.” _mce_href=””>Something Fierce by Marian Call

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