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Vinyl Floor – Peninsula

Vinyl Floor

The dreaded ‘concept album’ can often be a contrived mess of half baked ideas and nonsensical bollocks. Peninsula, I’m happy to report, is an exception to that all too familiar rule.

Peninsula’s twelve songs are split into two halves, the first half representing Utopia, with the remainder representing Dystopia. Good v bad, positive v negative, brown sauce v ketchup… that kind of thing.

With me so far…? Good, then I’ll continue… Peninsula explores how without one the other can’t exist and the overlapping relationship between the two… I think. But the albums key message seems to be that famous old phrase “No man is an Island” which is a good message for anyone to heed (although I’m an island). Dam shame I dropped out of that Psychology though course hey..

So… how about the music?

As you’d expect from a band so complex in their own ideas and concepts, the music also shares that same intricacy. There is a lot going on in each individual song (who’s genre could loosely be best described as prog), at times that can make for a frustrating listen, but when it comes together… the results are spellbinding.

Perhaps a tad sociopathically it’s the Dystopian half of the album that really floats my boat. Darker than it’s predecessor, there are also glimmers of hope and positivity shining through like chinks of light from dark and stormy clouds.

Easy listening this album is not, but after listening to it in it’s entirety I felt like I had achieved something. I also felt like I was richer for experiencing it… an album to blow your mind.

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