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This Many Boyfriends – Interview

This Many Boyfriends are an indie pop band from Leeds, after I sticking around outside the door to the packed venue they played in at Long Division Festival, I got to grab five minutes to talk to Richard and Laura from the band.

Q. I know your line up has changed quite significantly but how did the band start off?

A. It was about three years ago, we were all at the same college or university and just generally a bunch of friends that started to play together. We did have six of us in the band and now it’s down to four and yeah there are only two of the original members left in the band now.

Q. As I’m sure you know and it must get mentioned all the time as well but you are named after a song by Beat Happening. Are they are a band that influence you? And who else does?

A. Ha in fact it doesn’t get said at all but yes definitely an influence. Bands of that era are much more accessible The Vaselines, Orange Juice. We intend to write a song that is similar to them but it always sounds so different.

Q. Is it always your intention to write such catchy pop songs then? (I will admit to dancing round my room to yours songs more than quite often).

A. Of course, I would question why you wouldn’t want to be catchy. That is the beauty of indie pop it is just so easy.

Q. You’ve been working on your album when is that due for release?

A. Yes the album is all done, but it’s difficult this time of the year to promote it, as we would be promoting it at festivals rather than our own gigs. So we hope for an October release and a tour to coincide.

Q. Other than the album release what do you have planned for the rest of the year? I hope to actually be able to see you at Indietracks festival rather than be stuck outside!

A. Yes we are playing Indietracks, and Tramlines festival (in Sheffield). We might even be off to Japan!

Q. Thank you for talking to This Is A Popscene. Hope to see you soon!

This Many Boyfriends are playing at Indietracks festival, in Ripley 6th-8th July, which both I and Michael (the editor) will be going too. For more information go here. They are also playing at Tramlines festival, in Sheffield 20th-22nd July, which I will also be attending, for more information go here.

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